About us

Nice of you to visit our page. We are a small patch and pin oriented label that makes both official and fanpatches.

We mostly make Woven patches but we can also make other types of products. 

We do exclusive limited runs of 50-100 pieces. We never make direct reprints of our patches either, if demand is very high we sometimes make another print with a different color scheme. 

We thank the bands for placing their trust in us!!


We also sell rare vintage patches, these will be priced higher based on its condition and rarity. 

We are based in The Netherlands, with members in other parts of the world aswell. 

Of course we will be happy to arrange merchandise for bands or individuals. We can be reached on Nephilimchild666@hotmail.com

Or also on our facebook and instagram pages.

we will ask a small portion of the product in exchange. 


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