Lilly the Rat patch for Charity

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There it is, the Lilly patch. All proceedings and a part of the production will go to a local rat specific shelter that we know do good work. Per patch we will donate €3 to the shelter, and we donate 8 pieces to the shelter themself. There are options to donate more aswell which we will make sure reaches the shelter in cash or in hard needed feedings or material. This is not obligatory but always apprciated and can be selected as many times as you want! Also, all the tips at the end of the order that features this item will go to them. 

A little background, Lilly was a wonderful little rat. She was the naughtiest little creature you can imagine. She unfortunately died very suddenly. She was a once in a lifetime animal and she is very missed. To turn her memory into something positive we made this patch design to donate to local rat shelter as they often suffer from financial instability and rely on donations. This is not a limited design as is our rule, but can be remade if sales go well and we feel the shelter would benefit from more. 

Lilly really hopes you took the time to read this and possibly donate.