We ship via Postnl Services. While this may be slow it also has the least outrageous prices in the country. If you would like to have your order shipped via a different carrier send us a message before ordering please. Anything damaged or lost in transit when you choose a noninsured option is not our legal obligation to replace. Insurance will be mentioned in the shipping option, if not mentioned assume the shipping to be uninsured. If a parcel arrives damaged, we ask you to not open it but take pictures and contact us first. Anything that arrives damaged that you opened before messaging us that has damaged or missing items, we cannot replace or refund. The cheaper option marked as "tracked" is only partly tracked and not insured. We are informed that upon loss in the mail system we cannot open an investigation into this. Unfortunately we cannot offer support for this shipment upon loss and do not offer refunds. The 2nd option, also marked as "insured" we can open investigations into. if the investigation results in a status of "lost" we will offer a refund, this is only the case if this is something we can/could have controlled. If you refuse an item to be delivered in country we cannot offer support, it will be the customers responsibility at that point. 


 Shipping via postNL is our best and cheapest option, unfortunately a too high percentage of shipments get lost. While this is only a few percent, it can happen your package gets lost. We stress here we have no legal obligation to replace or refund lost items. 

In our shipping we charge postal costs, handling fees, material costs and paypal fees for the order. 


Of important note: we ship in the weekend. You might receive an order conformation, not in all cases does this indicate the actual shipping date. Contact us when youre in doubt. It can take some time, dont worry it will be shipped. 



We currently handle a 5 month wait period. Right now postal services are so backed up they are leaving most parcels at the pickup points because they cannot handle it. Shipping is extremely slow and can feel like its lost. Please wait this period out first before contacting us about your order. Tracked is individual for each case as we sometimes can speed it up by filing a complaint. 


We do not take any liability for untracked shipping options, both in regards to getting lost aswell as any damage. The best protection will be offered with tracked services, where we can track your order. As a result of this, if you choose to not pay for tracked shipping we offer no payback or resending if anything gets lost. These are difficult times and shipping like this is entirely on the buyers risk. 

As of late we are technically not allowed to ship goods in envelopes. Usually it works and we realise tracked is really expensive so we keep offering letter. But we stress that any untracked order can be sent back or destroyed and thus it is legally on your risk for loss/damage or consequences. We abdigate any legal right in your package after it was sent untracked. By purchasing any product, you agree to all beforementioned information. 



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