From Sirius to mars

For our first blog post i would love to talk a bit about one of my favorite records. 

Im talking of course about from mars to sirius from gojira. It has got to be one of the most unique, trance inducing and heavy records at all time. If i put this on my neighbours will start complaining. Birds fall dead from the sky and if you look closely you can see flying whales. The bass on this record is insane, only surpassed by the relentless drums. Records dont do this band justice and hearing them live is truly one of the best acts you will hear in your life. The melody, militaristic rhythm will not leave you alone for a second. If you ever wanted to transcend beyond this realm, this is the record. It is a drug in itself, dynamic but brutal. 


And yet, there are some breaks in the song. Naturally these are in all the right places, like flying whales. the intro is very interesting to listen to. The whale song truly adds to the atmospheric and has been edited in so well. Lyric wise this album goes above and beyond to create an image of a protagonist living on a wrecked planet, seeking help from the flying whales for a better life. Might this be a reflection on current earth? Who knows. The production value and mixing is amazing on this record, setting a great dynamic for lows and highs. Joes growls truly work well with the music, adding so much emotion and despair. I remember listening to my first gojira album and being truly blown away. its bombastic yet emotional and sensitive. A balance, these frenchmen have truly mastered. 

Dont believe me? listen for yourself


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